There are 4 days until Christmas and I’m finally done with my holiday decor and crafts!  This is the first Christmas where I’ve really made a lot of decorations and I loved it.  I got a lot of ideas from Pinterest and just made others up.

In the beginning of November I hosted a craft night for some family members.  We all came with an individual craft we wanted to accomplish and a few projects we would all create.  We met up at Michael’s to gather supplies then headed home to get to work.  I apologize for the lack of during pictures but between multiple projects, a house full of guests, the food and wine, the photos were forgotten.

The projects we all tackled were Epsom salt wine bottles and glitter branches.  Two of us chose to make wreaths and the other two made ornaments.

Inspiration found here

Inspiration found here

Inspiration found here

Inspiration found here

With a $2 bough of evergreen from the Christmas tree lot I made these to hang below our garage lights.  I didn’t have a plan and tweaked as I went, but I’m pretty happy with the result.  The total cost was the $2 for the evergreen. The burlap and ribbon I had on hand!

I also tried my hand at a few feather ornaments.  I just bought some colorful feathers and dropped into clear ornaments.  Our house has an awkward wind from our back hallway into our family room, so I decided to hang the ornaments in the opening instead of the tree.


I picked up 2 sheets of glitter scrapbook paper to make a star tree topper which I put on our fireplace mantel in the basement.

Guide found here

Finally my favorite project was putting together this pine cone tree.  I used a heavy cardboard cone, 3 bags of scented pine cones and a handful of jingle bells.  The bags of pine cones did have a few silver and gold pine cones as well as cinnamon sticks and colored balls.  I just got a little hot glue crazy one night while watching a movie and I have to say this tree makes our house smell so wonderful!

I’ll finish up with some shots of my mantel this year!

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!