Closet upgrade


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I’ve always had a problem with clothes. I love them but I hate folding them, I’ve hated it since I was a kid. It used to be one of my chores growing up and I was horrible at doing it. I remember when I was a little girl, I had the bottom bunk bed and the whole end of the bed where my feet didn’t reach was full of my clothes I didn’t put away.

I can’t say it got better when I was older. In college was probably the best I ever have been at keeping my clothes put away and I credit that to having minimal but well organized space. Now in our master closet we have open floor space which is nice but also leads to this…


Jared isn’t super thrilled with this particular habit of mine. A few of the problems are that we don’t have enough space to hang clothes, limited shelf space and the shelf space we do have is a little too tall for me. When I go to grab a sweatshirt off the shelf, 3 more fall down on my head.

I have a plan though and it’s happening soon!


The goals are to:

-add a double rod below our current clothes rod



-add 5 shelves on the far wall to maximize space for folded clothes


-paint the walls white to match new shelving and brighten up the current dingy color

-change out light fixture, possibly re-use old fixture from our kitchen?

So I’ll let you know how the progress goes. Anyone else working on a closet makeover or have a great organized closet they love?


‘Tis the Season

There are 4 days until Christmas and I’m finally done with my holiday decor and crafts!  This is the first Christmas where I’ve really made a lot of decorations and I loved it.  I got a lot of ideas from Pinterest and just made others up.

In the beginning of November I hosted a craft night for some family members.  We all came with an individual craft we wanted to accomplish and a few projects we would all create.  We met up at Michael’s to gather supplies then headed home to get to work.  I apologize for the lack of during pictures but between multiple projects, a house full of guests, the food and wine, the photos were forgotten.

The projects we all tackled were Epsom salt wine bottles and glitter branches.  Two of us chose to make wreaths and the other two made ornaments.

Inspiration found here

Inspiration found here

Inspiration found here

Inspiration found here

With a $2 bough of evergreen from the Christmas tree lot I made these to hang below our garage lights.  I didn’t have a plan and tweaked as I went, but I’m pretty happy with the result.  The total cost was the $2 for the evergreen. The burlap and ribbon I had on hand!

I also tried my hand at a few feather ornaments.  I just bought some colorful feathers and dropped into clear ornaments.  Our house has an awkward wind from our back hallway into our family room, so I decided to hang the ornaments in the opening instead of the tree.


I picked up 2 sheets of glitter scrapbook paper to make a star tree topper which I put on our fireplace mantel in the basement.

Guide found here

Finally my favorite project was putting together this pine cone tree.  I used a heavy cardboard cone, 3 bags of scented pine cones and a handful of jingle bells.  The bags of pine cones did have a few silver and gold pine cones as well as cinnamon sticks and colored balls.  I just got a little hot glue crazy one night while watching a movie and I have to say this tree makes our house smell so wonderful!

I’ll finish up with some shots of my mantel this year!

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



Bye Bye Brass

Our house has shiny brass everywhere, and I mean everywhere! I am not a fan, neither is Jared.  We have replaced the kitchen light fixtures but everywhere else is untouched.  Light fixtures aren’t our biggest priority so any way to update without spending very much is a great short term solution.

Here’s what we were dealing with:

Shiny brass and candlestick light bulbs.  The functionality of the light I actually really like, it has 8 bulbs above but also the very bottom has a light too.  We can have both on or one or the other which is nice.  So I don’t hate the fixture I just hate the brass.

I’m not afraid of a little spray paint but the thought of turning this fixture white or plain black never really sounded that appealing.  Recently I’ve heard a lot about Rustoleum’s Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  I thought the sheen and color would work well on this fixture.  So off to the store we went.  After trying Menards and Mills Fleet Farm we found the spray paint at Home Depot.

(I know the drapes look weird but we have a 12 week old puppy who can’t be trusted yet)

I shut off the power and started taking down the light.  I marked off the wires so I would know how to re-attach later.  The fixture wasn’t too heavy so once I had it down I needed to figure out how to hang it up outside to paint.  After wandering around our yard and in our garage I made this up.

I used an old swing, a carabiner and our front yard tree.  I did get a lot of looks as cars drove by but I figure I was just classing up the front yard with a chandelier!  I removed the white sleeves from the fixture and taped off the exposed sockets.

I then got my spray paint action on.  I followed the directions on the can and kept about 8 -10 inches away from the light and did a lot of thin even coats.

LOVE the finish!  I found a tree branch and put all the sleeves on to paint.

We also replaced the candlestick light bulbs with more modern circle fixtures.  I love the new look.  It really updates the room.

I spent a total of $14 on spray paint but I have a good portion of the second can left for another project.  The light bulbs cost me $4.  Not a bad price for an afternoon update.

What have you updated with spray paint?  Have you swapped out light bulbs for a fresh look?

Welcome to Casa de Kemper

Welcome to my blog!  I’m so excited to start sharing with you our journey in our home.  Everything from new siding, windows, fireplaces, painting, decorating and all the projects in between.

My husband Jared & I moved into our first home in August of 2009 and have been busy making this house our home.  While I wish I had started this blog right away when we moved in, I will re-cap our previous projects showing the house as it was at move-in to our current progress.  I will of course post all my current projects as they happen.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a current project I worked on this past weekend.